Data Engineer

Pendulum Therapeutics 2019 — Present

Bioinformatics Cloud Engineer

Second Genome 2018 — 2019

  • Converted Holmes, Second Genome’s genomic processing pipeline, to a serverless architecture using Docker, AWS lambda, AWS Batch, and AWS SQS.
  • Helped convert Gallifrey, Second Genome’s metagenomic/metatranscriptomic processing pipeline to a server less architecture using Docker, AWS Batch
  • Worked to unify Second Genome’s python code base so that all teams could work from the same library 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Caltech 2014―2018

My role was the head bioinformatician for a diverse group of microbiologists, chemists and data scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). My day to day tasks included the processing of genomic and proteomic data, and generating analysis summaries and plots using statistical software and programing tools such as R and python. As part of this role I was responsible for the production of automated pipelines for data analysis and have developed numerous tools and scripts for processing genomic data. I implemented SQL databases to store the extensive genomic and proteomic data that were generated and developed simple interfaces such that other members of the group could access this information without in-depth knowledge of SQL.

Graduate Student

University of Quensland 2010―2014

My PhD research focused on metagenomic analysis of microbial and viral communities from engineered ecosystems found in wastewater treatment plants. Throughout my PhD I was at the interface of microbial ecology, chemical engineering, and computational biology and have gained many skills ranging from microscopy, reactor operation and computer programming. I developed a number of bioinformatic pipelines and substantial computer software in perl, python and C++. My background in molecular biology allowed me to place the inferences of metagenomic data into a broader biological framework and work with other members of the lab that did not have computer skills.


University of Queensland

2014, PhD in Microbial Ecology

2010, Bachelor of Biotechnology

Honors & Awards

2015, Dean’s award for outstanding PhD dissertation, University of Queensland

2010, Australian Research Council PhD Fellowship


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